Room Divider


Room Divider

Room Divider - designed by Jørgen Møller.

The Room Divider lets you create a small oase within your room.

The Room Divider is perfect for creating a small private area in the office, and its possibilities are almost endless when it comes to interior design in cafes and shops.

Create small private "rooms" for your cafes guests, divide your different collections in a stylish manner with the Room Divider, or what about creating an eye catching window display like no other store in the street? 
The options are endless and only your imagination holds you back. 



Total length:

The total lenght of the Room Divider is 250 cm.



Oak - raw oak, oile oak, black strained oak, or lackered oak.

Pitch Pine - off-white pine or black strained pine. 


Weights (approx.)

Oak - 160 cm: 30 kg.

Oak - 180 cm: 35 kg.

Pine - 160 cm: 25 kg. 

Pine - 180 kg: 29 kg.