About Askman Furniture

Askman Furniture

Askman Furniture is Danish artistic craftsmanship at its very best.

The Askman furnitures are created through inspiring collaboration between contemporary Danish designers and Askman´s 100 years of experience, making each designer item a testament to centuries of tradition.

At Askman we make a variety of designer products like tables, chairs, and trays, with the aim to enrich your interior design.

Askman Furniture develops and manufactures products in beautiful, timeless designs. Each product must not only represent functionality and ease of use, but also emphasise the details created by the exclusive materials. Each product must radiate such attention to quality that its price will never excessive.


The history of Askman Furniture

Askman Furniture was founded in 1913 by Carl Alfred Askman.

In the early years, the company produced mainly wooden toys, handles and other milled articles for the domestic market.

In 1945 Svend Oluf Askman, the son of the founder, took over the company. The production expanded to include high-quality gift items like pepper mills, salad bowls and cutting boards, designed by well-known Danish architects like Kaj Bojesen, Jens Quistgaard and Erik Magnussen. The gift item market was the beginning of export for Askman Furniture.

In 1970 Peter Askman (man in picture) became the 3rd generation owner. Only 26 years old at the time, Peter Askman set out to maintain the heritage of tradition andPeter Askman craftsmanship which his family had installed at Askman Furniture.

Looking at the company today, it is obvious that he has successfully completed that objective. Today the company produces furniture in addition to the gift items, and the products are designed and developed in cooperation with some of the best and most well-known Danish architects.

In 2017, Peter Askman sold Askman Furniture to a group of investors who aim to continue the long heritage of craftsmanship and keeps emphasizing the essential value of using only the best possible materials, with great respect to nature and wildlife.